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  OKI ES Colour A4 OKI ES Colour A4

The OKI ES Colour printer range gives a choice of five printers to cover any office.

All of the printers come with network, duplex and extra tray options.


OKI ES5431

The ideal small desktop printer for the small office.

Maximum 880 sheets online with the optional tray

26 pages per minute colour gives speed and efficiency.


OKI ES6410

A 34 page per minute colour A4 printer.

Ideal for the busy office tyhat needs the speed to produce medium volumes of colour or mono.

Maximum paper capacity can be 1,460 sheets with the optional paper trays fitted


  OKI ES Colour A4 OKI ES Colour A3



OKI ES7411

Very similar to the ES6410 but with a massivly reduced running cost.

Ideal for the busy large office requiring speed with efficiency.

Expandable to 1,690 shhets online with the extra tray options



OKI ES8431

Entry level A3 colour printer with two resolution options.

They runs at 35 page per minute A4 colour or 20 page per minute A3

The ES8431 offers 1200x1200 dpi output for crisper text and finer gradations



OKI ES Colour A3 OKI ES Colour A3

ES 9431

The newest addition to the OKI ES A3 range. A 50 PPM printer with a 5 station version ES9441 for adding white or clear spot colour printing.

This new model features massive 38,000 page toners from the start giving amazingly low cost per page.